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Australian Gold® SPF30 Plant Based Lotion use the natural and effective power of plants to support healthy skin. Made with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil, this lotion is packed with nutrients your skin will love.

Recommended for
Face and body
Product details

Plant Based: spf from the absolute highest concentration of Aloe Vera. A prized botanical base capable of soothing, smoothing, moisturizing and repairing that harnesses the synergistic action of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Tapioca Starch. An all-natural triple infusion for a botanically based cosmetic with superior efficacy.

Coconut Oil: a botanical active ingredient rich in fatty acids that can give immediate hydration. Super effective, it is also ideal for sensitive skin.

Tapioca Friend: valuable ingredient with anti-aging properties that provides Vitamin B, Minerals and-thanks to Saponin-acts as an anti-inflammatory. Thanks to its hygroscopic power it traps water molecules favoring the maintenance of skin hydration.

Fragrance: Coconut

Very Water Resistant

Dermatologically tested

Modalità di Utilizzo:
Le protezioni solari devono essere applicate 20 minuti prima dell’esposizione al sole ripetendo l’applicazione con una frequenza variabile a seconda del filtro solare scelto (15, 30, 50 ad esempio), del numero di bagni e dell’intensità dei raggi UV.
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